Scribe Insight V7.9.1 Release

New Features

-Connection passwords can be up to 127 characters long.
-Service user credentials are populated with credentials of the user who ran Scribe services
before the upgrade and can be modified during the installation process.
-Target connections can be modified and still retain all links. References to modified target
connections in formulas, rejected rows table, key cross-references, and so on, are updated.
-Added the TrimX function to remove leading and trailing spaces, as well as line breaks,
paragraph separators, and tab characters.
-MSMQ messages can be retrieved in larger batches through the Scribe Console Options.
-For each connection you convert, you can select an existing connection to use or rename
the converted connection.
-When you convert a connection, you can select from all connections or only connections
with matching parameters.
-When you convert a connection, you can display connection properties of the connection
you are converting and of individual connections in the database.

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