Scribe Insight 7.9 Release

Scribe Insight Version 7.9.0 Released on June 02, 2015.

Included in Version 7.9.0:

  • Connection information has been moved out of the DTS files and into the Scribe internal database (OpenMind Idea #10 and #406).  This includes supporting the movement of connection information during DTS upgrade, cascade, and import processes from earlier versions.
  • Users now have the ability to multi-thread File, Time, and Query Integration Processes (OpenMind Idea #123).
  • Enterprise and Professional licenses now have the ability to dedicate message processors to specific Integration Processes (OpenMind Idea #303).
  • Windows Authorization installs can configure the Windows user that the Scribe services log-in as during the install process.
  • Scribe has done extensive testing and documentation around configuring failover environments for various environmental requirements.
  • Hotfix rollups of the Adapters listed below.
  • Other requested enhancements and defect fixes from internal Scribe departments and our MVP and user communities.

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