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Using REGEXMATCH in Scribe

Having issues with the SEARCH function, try using REGEXMATCH. Just remember that the parameters for this function is reverse of the SEARCH function. The SEARCH function will sometimes through an invalid value error message (Invalid Formula: #VALUE)  even though the expression is correct. Comments from one of the support team members indicate “that sometimes the

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Setting Permissions for Scribe Users

Maintaining permissions can be imperative for both productivity and security of your Scribe integrations. Every moment spent dealing with granting access for qualified users is time better spent developing integrations. This article from Scribe’s website details how to grant access to specific groups or all users. It also shows how to limit the control a

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Scribe Insight V7.9.1 Release

New Features -Connection passwords can be up to 127 characters long. -Service user credentials are populated with credentials of the user who ran Scribe services before the upgrade and can be modified during the installation process. -Target connections can be modified and still retain all links. References to modified target connections in formulas, rejected rows

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Scribe Insight 7.9 Release

Scribe Insight Version 7.9.0 Released on June 02, 2015. Included in Version 7.9.0: Connection information has been moved out of the DTS files and into the Scribe internal database (OpenMind Idea #10 and #406).  This includes supporting the movement of connection information during DTS upgrade, cascade, and import processes from earlier versions. Users now have

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Scribe Insight 7.8 Release

Scribe Insight Version 7.8 Released on June 08, 2014. Version 7.8 provides DTS and password encryption improvements, Execution Log Viewer enhancements, as well as enhanced upgrade documentation and enhanced user formula editing, both for usability. Version 7.8 supports MS Windows 8.0 and 8.1. Also included are other requested enhancements and defect-fixes.